Paul Mosley and the Red Meat Orchestra – The World is Flat

And , as the saying goes, now for something completely different. I’m about to confound the expectations and the accepted reality of what is considered “my kinda music”.

Here we have The World is Flat by Paul Mosley and the Red Meat Orchestra, trading as The Butcher. I’ve read the release a few times, and I’m not entirely sure which comes first!

What we have here is a snippet of a double album of a folk opera. Yep, I wrote that and you read it.

I you are not of the persuasion that this is a bloody good track then you should at least have some respect for the sheer genius and ambition on show here.

The Butcher is the name of the above mentioned folk opera (folopera? Folkera? Operolk? Someone better than I will come up with the appropriate mishmash of names, I’m sure), which tells a ghost story via the medium of song.

The vocals here are provided by Jamie Lawson and Esther Dee, who are just two of the over 20 collaborators on the entire operation, from 6 countries.

The World is Flat is a lovely track, and it certainly piqued my interest in hearing the full opera, which will include puppets when it tours, in its entirety.

The album will be launched with a full cast gig at The Courtyard Theatre in Shoreditch, on Thursday June 2nd.
Mosley is touring throughout the Spring/Summer with various members of the Red Meat Orchestra in different ensembles while a full theatre production – there will be puppets! – has been commissioned for Little Angel Theatre’s ‘Firsts’ festival, Islington, in Autumn 2016.


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