Star Parks – Don’t Dwell

At times lush, at others slightly melancholic, Don’t Dwell is a consistently engaging record. Star Parks hail from Texas, and is the latest project of Andy Bianculli, previously of The Preservation.

Upon pressing/clicking/remoting play you’ll be transported to a world of gorgeous harmonies and timeless hooks that, at 9 songs long, will seem too short.

There is quite a 60’s theme on Don’t Dwell, musically speaking. On opening track Hope For The Helpless the vocal harmonies are joined by a laid-back beat from drummer Keith Lough and a fuzzy guitar riff perfect for lazy summer days from Bianculli himself.

The poptones continue with Egotists, a bittersweet love song if ever there was one. The influences from The Beatles, ELO etc are apparent in Loose Ends and Hugs but they never feel like they have been copied with tracing paper.

Bianculli’s vocals throughout are the focal point for the harmonies provided by the rest of the band, and the best example for me of the harmoniousness is Theoretical Girls.

At most points of the album there are two imagines in my mind – and both of them are positive. I’m either travelling in the country in a convertible with Mrs Closewatch with the roof down, or I’m with Mrs CWMB and friends laughing, joking, smiling and having a drink. It’s a real good feel good album that won’t leave you disappointed.

Don’t Dwell by Star Parks is out now on Paper Trail Records


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