Beach Baby – No Mind No Money

Hailing from London are four-piece Beach Baby and with their debut LP No Mind No Money they are announcing their arrival with 11 tracks of melodic marvellousness.

The hooks keep on coming and within seconds you’ll be tapping your feet and bobbing your head to the catchy beats they’ve so generously provided.

Belying their relative youth, Beach Baby have a great appreciation for pop music; their indie stylings come complete with instantly hummable riffs, glowing rhythm from the bass and drums show a great confidence, and this is evident throughout.

The original genesis of the band occurred at Bristol University with Ollie Pash (vocals, guitar and keys) and Lawrence Pumfrey (vocals and guitar). Drummer Shep and original bassist Iraklis Theocharopoulos soon joined and the next two years were spent rehearsing and honing their sound. Unfortunately due to family circumstances Theocharopoulos had to leave just after No Mind No Money had been recorded. Replacement Jack has said that the parts were fun to learn. The good news is that the whole album is fun to listen to.

Limousine sets their stall with a driving bass line, Lost Soul is incessantly rifftastic and harmonious, and title track No Mind No Money is a tour de force with, believe it or not (and it’s my opinion!),a Dire Straits feel, especially in the chorus.

Ladybird is a lovely love song with a more chilled feel that doesn’t sacrifice what’s been before, and what is to come.

Throughout No Mind No Money, Beach Baby are assured with their sound; it’s fully formed which is a testament to their commitment to rehearsals, practice, and discovering how and what they want to achieve.

As new bassist Jack, as far as I understand, has not committed anything to record it’s a fine epitaph to Theocharopoulos’s time with the band, and I look forward to Jack’s full integration into Beach Baby.

No Mind No Money by Beach Baby is out on the 2nd August on Island Records, and can be pre-ordered here.


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