Thom Hell – 1985

Sometimes the rest of the world can be a step or two behind. When this happens, then it’s up to those in the know to set the record straight. At the present moment in time, the rest of the world would appear to be behind Norway. I’ve just found out, so consider this my solemn duty to spread the word.

1985 is a single from Thom Hell‘s latest album Happy Rabbit. Thom Hell, or Thomas Helland to his mother, is a multi Norwegian Grammy award winning singer-songwriter. He is five albums into his recording career, and he has worked with numerous Norwegian and other Scandinavian and Nordic artists.

The video for 1985 is a nostalgic affair with its old school family recording of children playing outside; the video fits perfectly with the lyrics reminiscing about childhood’s idyllic moments. Musically, it’s a well constructed and produced with enough minor notes adding to the nostalgic feel, whilst not detracting away from its upbeat nature.

Happy Rabbit will be released on the 16th of December on Lost Boy records. Give it a whirl and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.


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