The Myrrors – Hasta La Victoria

Released on the 30th June on Beyond Beyond Is Beyond, Hasta La Victoria by The Myrrors is a tour de force of repetition, unexpected turns, and global influences.

The Myrrors hail from Tucson, Arizona, so it shouldn’t come as no surprise to discover that their sound is as expansive as their home city and state’s environs.
The Myrrors Group Shot
Generally tagged as ‘psych’ (and here I plead ignorance to their previous output) I can see how that is: repetition and droning are used to great effect to create a solid foundation upon which track is built. Trippy basslines and fluid percussion are added to create a broad soundscape. Opening track Organ Mantra is 10 minutes of brilliance – and you know it is brilliance because you feel exhausted but not drained; you know it is a long song but you don’t feel like a note is out of place nor a beat wasted.

Samos la Resistencia sounds like a mariachi band has done a Dylan and plugged in, added some sax, and dropped a tab or three of LSD.

Tea House Musci brings the frenetic tempo down a few notches. Gone are the Latin influences that are substituted with Indian scales, tabla drums and hypnotic, rhythmic patterns. It’s psych Jim, but not as we know it.

El Aleph combines Irish folk (courtesy of a violin) with native American and Australian flourishes.

Closing is the title track. At 14 minutes long it is more than a third of the album’s total length. If you weren’t already enthralled by the previous tracks then Hasta La Victoria the song takes your hand and guides you through a sonic vista unparalleled all year. From gentle beats and repeated notes a DJ Shadow style change of pattern drops once, then twice. And cue the panpipes! The curse of shops and shopping centres the world over are vital and fresh here, their use never overdone.

As it progresses each new sound introduced beautifully compliments that which came before, rather like a master chef knowing how a dish comes together. The end result is an aural feast.

Hasta La Victoria is a rewarding and revealing listen. In it you hear things you won’t have come across before; it will transport you to places never visited; it will do all this and more just through you playing it.


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