Petrol Girls – Touch Me Again

If there is one thing that is present in today’s society it is this: differences are not as well tolerated as they should be, nor as they have been. In situations like this throughout the ages, art has been a conduit through which dissatisfaction (to put it mildly) with the status quo has been expressed.

Unfortunately we still live in society in which gender and sex are seen as negative differentials. Only recently, through Reddit, I came across this blog about how a female fan of Formula 1 is treated differently to male fans.

With Touch Me Again Petrol Girls have expressed via song the lack of respect that women face on a daily basis from (some) males in society who think that because their interaction is with a woman then it is only fair and right that they are degraded, not listened to, and disrespected.

Anger and frustrated all rolled up into a visceral track with a message as forceful as its riffs.

My domain my temple and my territory my pleasure
Cut cut cut it out
My desire my right to choose or to refuse this encounter
Cut cut cut it out
My agency that non consensual contact tries to take from me
Cut cut cut it out
My fucking mind you undermine my sense of self you pressurize
Cut cut cut it out

In an outstanding act of fan interaction and engagement, Petrol Girls have sent an open call for video submissions. If the issue of Touch Me Again is one you feel strongly about then submit away.

Petrol Girls Touch Me Again Video Call Out


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