I don’t know how I can really explain the reason why I ended up liking this, DOUBLEGLAZEDGAZEDOWN from Daniel Alexander.

I’m not really a fan of sparse electronics and barely intelligible lyrics. Both of which, on first listen, were present. But as I listened again, watched the video more, and sang along with the lyrics contained within something clicked.

It could be that we both share a certain political and sociological view of the world, are both unimpressed with apathy, and with how we are fed the news by the media at large.

Hailing from South London, Alexander shows a talent for combining images with words in a powerful way, in a way that is the opposite of force feeding it and preaching. If the video for DOUBLEGLAZEDGAZEDOWN is anything to go by, his live shows should be something else!

DOUBLEGLAZEDGAZEDOWN by Daniel Alexander was released on Maison Ainsi on the 23rd of June.


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