The Vryll Society – Shadow of a Wave

If there is one thing that can be guaranteed it is this – there are only three things that really separate Mancs and Scousers:

  1. The East Lancs Road
  2. The M62
  3. The Manchester Ship Canal (the one thing that really kicked it all off, for all you history buffs out there)

One thing we do share is an appreciation of good music regardless of where we come from, who we associate with, and where those who make the music come from.

For a long time, especially from the heady days of Madchester and the Stone Roses, the Happy Mondays et al, psychedelic music mainly had a Mancunian swagger to it. Yes, some like The Coral came and went, but no Liverpudlian band have come close to taking the Psych Crown.

Enter The Vryll Society who are the latest pretenders. This, my first introduction to them, is Shadow of a Wave and whilst it does have a lot of the hallmarks of a psych track the fivesome have made a light, floaty number. Think of it as a sponge mix that doesn’t have a soggy bottom nor does it feel dense, heavy, and undigestible.

The quartet are in the midst of making their debut album for Deltasonic, and I for one can’t wait to see what they come up with. I shall investigate them more, and I suggest that you do too.


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