big tide – Thirst for the Limelight

Liverpool-born Leeds-based Ben Thomas has announced his latest project big tide with the release of its first single Thirst for the Limelight.

big tide ben thomasFollowing his previous nom de plume L’Etranger and a stint with Spectrals on tour big tide marks Thomas’ rediscovered love of the guitar – specifically the 12-string variety, which serves as the cornerstone of the big tide sound.

Of big tide Thomas refreshingly says:

I used to get obsessed with trying to be 100% unique, and if a song I wrote had even the slightest whiff of somebody else’s I’d instantly scrap it. With big tide I seem to have lost that, if the song stands up on its own merits I’ll stick with it. After all it’s Rock and Roll, there’s only so many chords. Everyone influences everyone, it’s very freeing


Waves of upbeat jingle-jangle indie pop picking dominate, unrelenting in driving the track forward. At just over two and a half minutes long it’s a perfectly judged and executed little nugget that simultaneously slakes your thirst and whets your appetite.


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