Welcome to Closewatch Music Blog!

The purpose of this is to write about music; two passions of mine.

I am not going to offer any kind of pretentious rubbish here, just what I think about what I’ve been listening to. If you like it, cool. If not, I hope you’d tell me why but without being abusive. We’ve all got opinions so let’s express them in a civil manner, eh?

I’d be more than willing to accept submissions and requests for reviews, interviews etc from more than just the contacts I already have. Part of what makes this so enjoyable is discovering new and exciting music that I can listen to, and point people in the right direction of.

So please, if you aren’t the product of Simon Cowell and his ilk, drop me a line here!


2 responses to “About

  1. Hi there…this is Trebor Lloyd, Peter Ulrich’s producer. The Peter Ulrich Collaboration releasing a single, Dark Daddy, from a new album in the UK this November. Knowing you’ve enjoyed his music in the past, I just want to make sure you got a copy of the track from our publicists. If you’d like a copy and haven’t got it, let me know and I’ll light a fire under their bottoms! 🙂


    • Hi Trebor,

      Thanks for the comment – much obliged. I haven’t had anything as yet, but to be fair I haven’t even had the time to check my emails of late!

      If you could sort something, that’d be brilliant!



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