The Rifles – None The Wiser

When it comes to guitar music, for me the darker the better. As an example, give me Die In The Summertime by the Manics over live Forever by Oasis.

The Rifles however are a band that are an exception to this rule. None The Wiser is a brilliant slice of upbeat indie that will put a smile on the face of even the most curmudgeonly individual.

Album number four sees the Londoners on top form. Opening track and leading single Minute Mile is a hook-heavy, chorus shouting joy; yes, it may touch on the subject of love but don’t let that put you off.

Heebie Jeebies carries on the tour de force. Two minutes long, it’s a stomping blues infused number. Calling it frenetic does it an injustice.

In many ways it is a shame that The Rifles decided to release the album now; whilst it will warm the hearts of those suffering from the depths of the winter we find ourselves in, this really should have been released in the summer.

All I Need is the perfect example of this. I’m writing this on the tram from manchester, and I want to be on the beach in sunnier climes next to my girlfriend telling her that I love her. It’s an infectious piece of songwriting that deserves a wider audience that the summer will bring. It really does have festival sing-along written all over it. Perhaps the reunion of all original members (Joel Stoker (vocals, guitar), Lucas Crowther (guitar, vocals), Robert Pyne (drums) and Grant Marsh (bass)) for this is what gives None The Wiser such an impetus and drive.

If like me, you missed them on the live circuit last year, you’ll be wanting the festival season to come round very quickly. None The Wiser should propel The Rifles firmly in to the public’s consciousness.

None The Wiser by The Rifles was released on Monday 20th</sup January on Cooking Vinyl


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