Volenté – Broken Promises

For her Broken Promises single, Volenté has released three videos for each track.

Broken Promises itself is a dubstep and breakbeat infused number, driven along by throbbing bass and frantic drumming. Volenté’s vocals are honey-dripped and enchanting, and draw you in with each verse.

Broken Promises Video:

So Many Times is the ballad of the single, which tones down the drum and bass, but retains the bass of Broken Promises, but in a much more melodic effect. At time Volenté’s voice carries hints of Kylie Minogue, but stronger and less breathy.

So Many Times Video:

End of Time introduces a harder sound and a darker tone to the single – in the verses at least. In the chorus Volenté adds a more traditional electronic touches, which then drop into the sound found in the verse.
End of Time Video:

It’s an interesting mix of sounds that permeate this single, and Volenté (who hails from Wales) should receive a great deal of success with Broken Promises.

Broken Promises is out on March 25th.

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