Kinbom & Kessner – Lieder Von Liebe Und Krieg

Kinbom & Kessner is the new project from Fredrik Kinbom (read my review of his latest solo album here) and Sonja Kessner, a German theatre writer.

Their first album together is Lieder Von Liebe Und Krieg which translates to “Songs of Love and War”. Unsurprisingly, it deals with the human consequences of war, and on that account it is a sobering listen. The one thing that war brings is death and destruction, and this album focusses not on the grand scale of country-wide destruction, but the smaller scale human consequences which are no less devastating.

I must state here that I speak about three words of German, so I have found the digital booklet with the lyrics and meanings of the songs here invaluable.

Sharing the writing jointly, but separately in their respective fields, the album is an engaging listen. Kinbom wrote the music and Kessner wrote the lyrics. Together they have created an inspired collection of songs that, in the current circumstances the worlds faces is perhaps more pertinent and relevant than they could have imagined.

What’s also quite impressive is the array of talent they engaged with to create the final product. They include James Williamson of Iggy & The Stooges and singer Hannah Miller of Moulettes, alongside members of Hazmat Modine and Augie March.

From the dreams of a German girl seducing her Jihadi husband to stay away from fighting, Weckt Nicht Die Liebe to a woman who smothers her daughter to keep her safe from a war that never came because it was only a rumour started by a man enslaved by money, to the number of deaths in various wars from the First World War to the conflict in Afghanistan, Short and Sweet, the focus here is how war and love affect the lives of everyone.

The one message we should all take from the album is directly from the last song of the album. It’s a truism we should all remember – Only the Living can Love.

Lieder Von Liebe Und Krieg by Kinbom & Kessler is out now on Theater.Macht.Music., and can be bought here.


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