Analog Candle – Trier

In a world that over the past two weeks or so has gone absolutely apeshit, I thought it about time to get back into writing; or at least, start it again for the year.

Well done, then, to Analog Candle who with their track Candle have managed to get the creative juices flowing again for me. Thanks!

Described on their various locations on the internet as a “recording studio and Brooklyn collective”, the lynchpin is Callum Plews; with Trier he co-wrote and produced a dreamy, lo-fi alt-pop number that, even with a few discordant chords, teleports you to a world left behind in childhood. It has a slightly melancholic and nostalgic feel that as an overall feel leaves you wondering why life can’t be as simple as it once was.

Trier is released before their E.P. Winter ’15 which is available for pre-ordering from their Bandcamp page prior to its release on the 3rd of February.


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